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We are aware of how challenging it can be to come up with creative ways to make mealtime more fun especially if your kid is a picky eater. The best way to achieve this is with lunchbox accessories. You can use this guide to select the ideal lunchbox accessories to turn lunchtime into your kid's favorite part of the day.


The Coolest Lunch Box Accessories

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These cool lunchbox accessories will definitely spice up lunchtime and make you the cool mom among your kid's friend group:


1) Lunchbox Notes


What better way to spice up lunch than to include lunchbox notes? If you're looking for kid-friendly lunchtime notes, PlatoKids has your back. These lunchtime notes provide fascinating information on a variety of topics, including history, geography, and nature. These cards will not only make your child more anxious to open their lunchbox, but they will also be a fantastic talking point during lunch. As a result, rather than rushing to go to the playground during lunch, your child will sit at the table, talk about the card with her/her friends, and eventually eat the food that has been prepared for them. These cards are great for picky eaters.

They come in a variety of value-size bundles and are even reusable. To get exclusive access and updates on sales, new launches, and more visit the PlatoKids website.


2) Colorful Silicone Cupcake Molds


Every parent is aware that the best way to get fussy eaters to eat is to give their food more color, and the greatest technique to do this is by using colorful silicone molds. Rainbow molds are great for adding berries, almonds, and other small items to a bento box. Most of these molds are dishwasher safe and non-stick, which makes cleanup a breeze.


3) Vegetable Cutters


Fruit, vegetables, cheese, ham, and so much more can be cut into fun shapes using food cutters. Food cutters allow you to create stunning bento box lunches that your kids will love. Make sure the cutter you use is stainless steel and is simple to clean.


4) Colorful Utensils


This year, ditch the plastic cutlery and instead give your child their own set of colorful cutlery. As was previously discussed, you should add as much color as you can to your child's food to encourage them to eat it. Nobody likes seeing a dull lunchbox, especially finicky eaters. Make sure that the cutlery you choose is sturdy and will endure the entire school year.


5) Reusable Juice Boxes


In addition to being eco-friendly, a reusable juice box can be used to store freshly squeezed juice. Everyone knows that prepackaged juice cartons are loaded with sugar. With a reusable juice box, you can control the amount of sugar your kids consume.

You can also use a standard water bottle, but make sure it can store liquids other than water. When used to hold anything other than water, most plastic water bottles tend to generate unpleasant odors.


Tips and Tricks to Make Lunchtime Fun

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Below are some tips and tricks to make lunchtime more fun for your kids:


1) Pick a Lunchbox That Your Children Will Adore


In addition to fun lunchbox accessories, you will also need fun lunch boxes. Make sure the lunchbox you purchase is something your children will like using. If you choose something too childish, kids won't want to use it, and if you purchase something too challenging to open, they will dread lunchtime.

Bento boxes are currently very popular. By using bento-style boxes, you can give your child the right portions while also introducing them to a variety of foods. 


2) Broaden Their Gastronomic Horizons


Eating the same old PB&J sandwich can get boring after a while. You should expose your child to various foods and extend their gastronomic horizons. However, don't overdo it, especially if your kid is picky. You can include small changes to the usual lunchbox food. For instance, you can make a sandwich using a wrap or croissant; designate one day of the week for pasta salads; observe Meatless Mondays by eating vegetarian or vegan food. 

This is a great way to encourage your kid to eat healthy but fun lunches. If you're feeling stuck, there are plenty of school lunch ideas online that you can look at.


3) Use the Leftovers


Send your kid's favorite dinner meal for lunchtime. If you had pizza, roasted chicken, spaghetti, or meatballs the night before, the leftovers can make a delicious complement to a school lunch. Your child is more likely to eat their lunch if you do this.


4) Let Them Help Out


Encourage your children to help you with packing their lunches. Whether it's baking on the weekend or chopping fruit and vegetables in the morning, it's a pleasant activity and it also speeds up the process. 

Kids enjoy taking on adult roles. They are more likely to consume their lunch if they participate in the lunch boxing process.


5) Fruit Adds Flavor to Food


Use fruit to give your child's meal a delicious touch. Add some fruit chunks to their water to make it more flavorful, or serve grapes with cheddar cheese and multigrain bread.




There you have it. Planning for kids' lunchescan be difficult especially if they are picky. To make lunchtime more enjoyable for your child, here are 5 lunchbox accessories and helpful tips.

Try your hardest to get your kid to eat their meal, but know when to let go. If your child continues to bring a lunchbox full of food home, be understanding and do not yell at them. This can quickly escalate into a power struggle. By using the tips above, lunchtime will be considerably simpler.


Alex Wittle
Alex Wittle

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