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There is nothing better than a bowl of warm soup at school for lunch when the weather is cooler outside. But by the time lunchtime rolls around, the soup becomes cold. By using an insulated lunchbox, you can ensure that your kids have hot food regardless of what time they decide to eat. Continue reading to see our selection of the best lunch containers that keep food hot all day.


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Thermal Food Container


Lunchboxes that keep food warm are commonly referred to as thermos or thermal containers. When shopping for a thermos for a child, here are 5 things that you need to keep in mind:


1)  Size

 Three styles of kids thermoses in different sizes

Credit: Serious Eats


Kids' thermoses are available in several different sizes, with capacities ranging from 7 to 16 ounces or more. Before making a purchase, think about the serving size for your child. For a first-grader, a 7-ounce thermos may be sufficient, but an older child will likely need a larger lunchbox.


2)  Insulation

 A black thermos with silver top sitting in the leaves that have turned brown

Credit: Envato Elements/ Olegbreslavtsev


Insulation affects how well and how long a thermos can keep a temperature. Although this can vary from model to model, the majority of children's thermoses offer you an idea of what to anticipate in terms of heat and cold retention (for example, 5 hours for hot foods and 9 hours for cold). For the finest temperature control, search for double-wall vacuum insulation, a reflective interior surface, and a tightly sealed top.


3)  Material

 A thermos with a 3 division plate of healthy food for lunch

Credit: Envato Elements/ Natabuena


Thermoses can be made from a variety of materials. For a child's thermos, plastic is suitable when you don't require something robust and long-lasting. But compared to a plastic one, a stainless steel one will surely last longer and resist regular use considerably better.


4)  Cost-Effectiveness

 A thermos and tablet on a table next to a river in the outdoors

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Thermoses are typically not too expensive. Given how frequently you'll use these containers, investing a little bit extra money in quality and longevity is worthwhile.


5)  Ease of Use

 A red thermos filled with hot food on a wooden chopping board

Credit: Thermos Singapore


It's not always possible to find a helping hand away from home, so it's a good idea to pick a thermos that your child can use with confidence. To reduce irritation and missed meals, look for a thermos lid that small hands can open and close with ease. If you're purchasing a thermos for a young child, a smaller model will also be easier to hold and grip, reducing the possibility of a spill.


The Best Insulated Lunch Containers


Do your kids ever complain that the hot food you packed for them was actually cold when it was time to eat? To avoid this from happening again, we've put together a list of the best hot food lunch thermoses that are suitable for kids:


1)  2-Pack Vacuum Insulated Food Container by Maxso

 A set of two aqua thermos with grey lids and spoons from Maxso

 Credit: Maxso


This practical set from Maxso comes with two insulated food jars and a soup spoon. They are available in different sizes and are sweat-proof and leak-proof. Additionally, they are made of silicone and BPA-free polymers.

These lunch containers use vacuum insulation technology to preserve food for up to 24 hours. They are suitable for storing both hot and cold food. Additionally, Maxso offers a lifetime warranty that makes replacement simple in the event that your product has any flaws.


2)  Bentology Insulated Lunch Container

 A light blue thermos with unicorn dolphins printed on the outside

 Credit: Bentolody


The Bentology lunchbox includes a vacuum-insulated container to keep your child's solid food hot for the whole day. The thermos has a wide mouth for easy cleaning and eating and can be used for drinks as well as food.

The double-walled thermos uses 18/8 food-grade stainless steel for optimal insulation. It contains no BPA, lead, or PVC, making it fully safe for kids to use every day. The 13-ounce size gives almost everyone more than enough room for a reasonable lunch portion.


3)  Zojirushi Steel Food Jar


A silver Zojirushi Steel Food Jar

 Credit: Zojirushi 


The layout of Zojirushi's food thermos is stylish and playful, and it is available in a broad range of colors, including cream, light blue, dark brown, and pink. The food jar is light and portable, even for small hands.

In case you require a larger capacity, Zojirushi also provides 16.9 and 25-ounce models in addition to this 11.8-ounce model. It is simple to disassemble, has a large entry, and has an interior non-stick coating for simple cleaning. They are excellent for hot meals, soups, porridge, cold desserts, and beverages, among other things, and are constructed of BPA-free material.


4)  Skip Hop Insulated Kids Lunch Box

 A purple thermos with a unicorn on and a yellow spoon attached on the side

 Credit: Skip Hop


Skip Hop's 11-ounce stainless steel, BPA- and phthalate-free container keeps food warm for up to 7 hours. Small children can easily open the lid, and it comes with a spork (and a place to hold it).

Skip Hop offers a range of patterns that are suitable for children. Additionally, since they are composed of stainless steel, they are incredibly durable.


5)  Foogo Vacuum-Insulated Food Jar

 A silver thermos with a pink lid and bottom and green around the top

 Credit: Foogo


The Foogo lunch container provides excellent protection and heat retention for the food or beverage within. It is composed of stainless steel and has a rubber coating to insulate and safeguard food.

The Foogo lunch containers' ergonomically designed lids are simple to open and close. Additionally, it features a large enough aperture to allow for comfortable eating whether the user is at home, school, or another location.


How to Use a Thermos to Keep Food Hotter for Longer

 A lady taking food out her thermos and putting it on a plate

Credit: Nurture Life


There are certain steps that you must take while using a thermos if you want your child to enjoy piping hot food. You cannot expect a thermos that is at room temperature to retain hot food. Fortunately, maintaining hot lunches for your kids only requires six simple steps:


1)  Fill the Thermos With Hot Water

Bring water to a boil and fill the thermos.


2)  Let the Water Sit

Cover the thermos with the lid and leave the water in there for a while.


3)  Heat the Food

Heat your child's lunch in the microwave while you wait for the thermos to warm up.


4)  Pour the Water Out

Once your child's food is heated, carefully pour away the hot water from the thermos.


5)  Fill With Hot Food 

Place the heated food in the thermos.


6)  Pack Your Bag 

After securing the lid, place the thermos in your child's favorite lunch bag.




Now that you have a better understanding of the perfect container for hot food, choosing one should be easier for you. For the best experience, use the advice from above on how to keep food hotter for longer.

At Plato Kids, we believe that a happy lunchtime makes a happy kid. Include our unique lunch notes in your kids' lunch boxes. These notes offer unique facts that will improve your children's cognitive abilities. Shop with us today.


Alex Wittle
Alex Wittle

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