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After a long day of school, many young students discover that doing their homework is a real pain in the back! Fortunately, there are methods you can use to help your youngster find schoolwork a little bit more enjoyable. Whether your children need to review their spelling, memorize their multiplication tables, or get ready for an important exam, these helpful tips can help you magically take the "work" out of homework.


1) Use Rewards

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Use rewards to encourage your kids to do their homework without resistance. For little kids, small snacks, stickers, iPad time, or toys work wonderfully. Middle school and older kids could be more motivated by privileges like free time on the TV and computer or bigger rewards like cash. Whatever approach you choose, always remember that the fundamental goal is to encourage the development of positive habits.


2) Create Timed Tasks

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Young children enjoy racing against the clock. By creating timed tasks, you can try making their homework session feel more like a race. For instance, keep track of the number of words they can spell properly or the number of math problems they can do in five minutes. Challenge your child to beat their previous best the next day.


3) Organize a Study Group

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Invite peers to read, write, and solve math problems with your child. Allow your child to assume a leadership role if they are mature enough to manage planning and delegation. Consider this a mini educational play date for younger children who may want additional assistance.


4) Make Learning a Game

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Games can be used to teach as well. Try coming up with fun math challenges that will help kids develop cognitive skills and become quicker thinkers. Children can learn also what a word or concept means by acting it out, as in the game of charades. This improves visual processing and comprehension.


5) Let Them Do Their Homework Outdoors

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For some reason, doing a typical task outside doesn't feel like a chore. Encourage them to use any outdoor place in your home where they can stretch out and study. They can kick the ball or jump on the trampoline while counting or spelling words. They can use paintbrushes and water, chalk on the pavement, or the soil to draw numbers. The entire world is at your disposal.


6) Work Together

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Children may require homework help to complete certain assignments. Make sure to set out time to mentor and help your children with their schoolwork, when necessary. You can schedule daily time for homework on your family's calendar. 

You can also attempt to finish your own work in the same space while they do their schoolwork. By having someone there, the chances of them getting distracted will be low.


7) Take Breaks

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Are your youngsters worn out after only 20 minutes of doing their homework? By taking breaks, you can help your kids enjoy homework and see how much more they can accomplish and how much better they can do it. We guarantee that this is an excellent method for finishing assignments swiftly.


8) Use Props

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Some kids are visual learners and learn faster by reading, seeing photos, or handling objects Visual learners use their senses to comprehend and remember information. When talking with your child about a particular subject, show him or her resources that are relevant to the topic at hand. During their homework sessions, you can use props like toys and other materials so that they can absorb and understand what they are doing.

Making homework fun requires you to come up with innovative techniques to keep your child's young mind engaged. This is a great way to go about doing that.


9) Let Them Act Like the Teacher

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Children enjoy playing pretend, whether it's pretending to be a teacher or a doctor. Create your own miniature school and allow your youngster to assume the position of the teacher. Have your child explain a subject to you in the teacher's role while you or a sibling play the part of the student.

This game will help your child to better understand the topic. It will also help to develop their logical and reasoning skills.


10) Use Learning Apps

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Learning applications might be really helpful if you're having trouble understanding any of your kid's homework assignments. There are many games and visual examples in these apps. It not only explains complicated concepts better but also makes learning more enjoyable. If you are unsure about where to begin, you can speak with your child's teacher and ask them for apps that they can recommend.




There is no reason why homework time should be a tug of war between you and your child. Using these suggestions, you may make learning engaging and enjoyable for both you and your child. And keep in mind that you shouldn't be scared to express your concern if you believe that your child's instructor is assigning them too much homework.

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Alex Wittle
Alex Wittle

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