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Preparing meals for your children's school lunch boxes daily can be stressful, especially if you have more than one child and are a working parent. As a result, you may be enticed to tell them to eat in the canteen. The issue is that the school canteen offers a lot of unhealthy junk food options, which your child may naturally gravitate towards.

While the occasional junk food meal may not be harmful to your child's health, doing so on a daily basis may. We'll go over why junk food should be prohibited from school and what it does to your child's body in this post.


Listed Reasons Why Junk Food Should Be Banned From Schools


1) Cholesterol Levels in Junk Food Are Frequently Greater


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When youngsters make junk food a regular part of their diet, it's not just about sugar and fat consumption. These foods often have greater levels of unsaturated fat, which can cause an increase in total cholesterol levels in children. According to the World Health Organization, eating more of these foods raises the chance of developing chronic diseases and stroke later in life. Even higher levels of salt contained in processed foods can elevate blood pressure and increase the risk of heart disease.


2) Junk Food Leads to Obesity


Junk foods are typically heavy in salt, fat, calories, and sugar, with little nutritional benefit. Obesity is caused by eating unhealthy meals on a regular basis. The fat and sugar content of junk food is frighteningly high. If children consume foods heavy in sugar, carbohydrates, and salts, they are in danger of gaining weight and becoming obese. The USA is currently suffering from an obesity epidemic. Many elementary and middle school children are considered obese in the US.

Junk meals are generally devoid of dietary fiber and other essential nutrients that aid in the maintenance of a healthy body. As a result, eating junk food causes rapid weight gain and raises the risk of chronic illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, and various types of arthritis. Obese children who eat a lot of junk food on a regular basis are at a higher risk of having a heart attack in their early adulthood.


3) A Well-Balanced Diet Is Required


A well-balanced meal contains all of the body's essential components, such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and vitamins. Junk food and unhealthy foods like fried foods and sugary sweets have limited nutritional value. Such foods will merely fill your stomach but will not nourish your body.

Children's food consumption must be closely controlled because they are in the growing stages of their life. The inclusion of wholesome and nutritious meals ensures enhanced growth, thus a more healthy diet should be incorporated on the school campus.


4) Junk Food Has Been Linked to an Increased Risk of Depression


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Today's teenagers and adolescents are depressed more than at any other moment in history. The statistics on this mental health problem are concerning.

When children consume foods that are high in nutritional value, they have more energy available for their brain to process events. Because their daily routine includes more activity, they may be at a lower risk of developing this mental health problem.


5) Unhealthy Eating Addiction in Children


It is quite difficult for youngsters to grow accustomed to eating healthy foods after they have become accustomed to consuming junk food. It is difficult for children who eat too much junk food on a daily basis to enjoy a balanced dinner consisting of other vital nutrients other than what is present in fast food. Fast food has a tremendously addictive synthetic flavor. Children who eat junk food on a daily basis become accustomed to a particular flavor profile and find it difficult to shift to balanced, nutritious meals.

Burgers, french fries, salty snacks, fried food, and caffeinated drinks are some of the foods that cause youngsters to become addicted to a particular taste. These unhealthy options contain high sugar and affect the cognitive performance of your kid. Children who consume these meals on a daily basis develop a cycle of harmful eating habits. Addictions can develop from ingrained habits. For many people, eating junk food becomes a survival technique that, in the long run, leads to obesity and other health problems.


6) Junk-Food Causes Heart Diseases


Children who continue to eat junk food into adulthood are more likely to develop liver disease and suffer a heart attack. Junk food has a lot of ill effects on your body. Junk foods are heavy in sodium and fat, both of which lead to elevated cholesterol and plaque accumulation in the arteries. This, in turn, can cause significant alterations in the vascular system, causing blood pressure to fluctuate and raising the risk of a stroke. Junk food also contains trans fats, which cause fat deposits in the liver and a variety of liver disorders.


7) Students’ IQ Levels May Be Lowered as a Result of Junk Food Consumption


A child's brain activity is intimately linked to the nutritional value of the meals they eat. Many children eat junk foods as part of their regular consumption. As a result, the brain is left with fewer resources to work with. This has an effect on their IQ over time since the learning process slows down. Children who consume junk food three times per week have a lower IQ than children who do not consume these products as frequently.

Junk meals also have an impact on student performance in other ways. When people eat foods that contain a lot of sugar, they get a burst of energy. The youngster grows less aware and sluggish as these effects wear off until they discover another snack. This results in a new energy spike, which then fades away after some time.


8) Diabetes is Caused by Junk Food

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Children who eat junk food on a regular basis are at a higher risk of getting diabetes than adults. Different types of junk food hinder beneficial nutrients and minerals from being absorbed properly, altering metabolism and resulting in a weakened immune system.

A variety of health issues arise when the metabolic rate is substantially altered. When ingested often, a wide variety of deep-fried foods can cause insulin resistance, which can progress to Type 2 diabetes and hyperglycemia over time. Junk food and fast food addiction can disrupt hormonal activity and result in hormonal imbalance. Furthermore, excessive greasy food consumption is linked to health issues such as kidney, liver, decreased immunity, increased blood pressure levels, and cholesterol.


 Causes of Eating Junk Food


Is There Anything Further That Can Be Done?


Do not Sell Junk Food Near Schools/Ban Junk Food


It's possible that simply banning junk food in schools will not be enough. Children may buy junk food from other sources. One approach might be to prohibit fast-food restaurants and vending machines from being located near schools. Banning junk foods will promote a healthy lifestyle.


Children Should Be Taught About Good Nutrition


It is insufficient to just prohibit the consumption of unhealthy foods. Children should be taught about the benefits of proper nutrition as well as the negative consequences of junk eating.

We had police officers come in to give us a presentation about the risks of drugs when I was in school, and it resonated with me. A similar strategy to junk food might be able to reach at least some of the kids.


Make Healthy Food More Affordable or Even Free


I mean, who doesn't appreciate free stuff? Children may start to see healthy food as the preferable option if it is made available for free during school lunches.




Unhealthy food such as potato chips, burgers, pizzas, and food from vending machines may be something your child likes. But however excessive consumption causes a number of health problems as these foods have a high concentration of sugar and oil. You need to incorporate healthier choices such as vegetables into your kid's diet.

Junk food tastes good but the effects it has on your kid is not worth it. Banning junk food from schools can have a positive impact on a student's health. It will increase their concentration and they will have more energy throughout the day. Developing healthy eating habits, in the beginning, may be difficult but once your kid has grown used to it, they will be less dependent on processed food.


Shmuel Apel
Shmuel Apel

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