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A handwritten lunch note is always appreciated. But with all of the morning chaos, it might seem difficult to squeeze in time to handwrite a note. Instead, why not use printed, readymade lunch box notes? In this blog, we will teach you everything there is to know about readymade lunch box notes, including where to buy them.


Why Should You Use Lunch Box Notes?


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It can be difficult to provide kids with the affection, encouragement, and acknowledgment they need while they are away at school. This is why lunch box notes are great. These small notes will make your child grin no matter what is going on. Additionally, placing notes for lunch in their boxes can even start a conversation between parents and children. When they get home, they'll be eager to tell you how the lunchbox note made them feel or how much they enjoyed it.


Types of Readymade Lunchbox Notes for Kids


There are various types of lunch box notes. Based on your child's age, gender, and grade, choose a type for them.


1)  Educational Lunch Box Notes


A person adding their lunch and notes into their school bag

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The ideal way to help your child in acquiring new knowledge or review topics they are already learning in class is to use educational lunch box notes. These cards also make an excellent lunchtime conversation starter which means your kid as well as their friends will be excited to read them.


2)  Lunch Box Love Notes


A yellow lunch box with fresh fruit and a lunch box note above it

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Looking for a way to add a little extra love to your child's lunch box? Then you need to get a set of lunch box love notes. The best part about these notes is that they can be used at any time of the school year.


3)  Lunch Box Encouragement Notes


Some lunch notes next to a red and black lunch box filled with fruit and some smarties

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Kids need a little incentive from time to time during the school year, so these kinds of notes are ideal for lifting their spirits.


4)  Brainteaser Lunch Box Notes


Some brainteaser lunch box notes

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Looking to exercise your little one’s brain? For kids who enjoy cracking good riddles, consider including lunch box notes with brainteasers.


5)  Funny Lunch Box Notes


Some lunch box jokes on a yellow background

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Lunch box jokes are a great and fun way to brighten your child's day. They are ideal for kids who complain every morning about having to go to school.


6)  Back-to-School Kids Lunch Box Notes


A blue lunch box with water, banana and a lunch note

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Back-to-school kids' lunch notes are a terrific way to ease first-day jitters. Even though these kinds of notes are made for the start of the school year, you can also put them in your kid's lunch box on days when they could use a little motivation.


7)  Character-Themed Lunch Notes for Kids


Character-themed lunch box notes that are in bright colors

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Adding a character-themed lunch box note is definitely going to get your kid excited for the rest of the day. These notes feature a variety of characters, such as unicorns, dinos, and superheroes. Pick a character your child enjoys to brighten their school day.


8)  Non-Reader Lunch Box Notes


non-reader lunch box notes that feature pictures and sight words

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If your kid does not know how to read yet, no worries. You can choose non-reader lunch box notes that feature pictures and sight words. These are great for preschool to first-grade kids.


9)  Positive Affirmation Lunch Box Notes


Positive affirmation lunch box notes on a red background

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When your child lacks confidence, putting one of these cards in their lunch box can be just the thing they need to get their day back on track. The cards can be used to remind them of their outstanding skills.


10)  Editable Free Lunch box Notes


Fancy borders that are colorful and fun for your personalized lunch notes

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Looking for ways to personalize your kid's lunch box notes? Then these notes are great for you. The nice thing about it is that you can print a template online and write whatever you want to without even having to pay for it.


Tips and Tricks for Using Lunch Box Notes


To make using a lunch box note easier, follow these tips and tricks:


1)  Keep the Notes in Your Kitchen


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Make sure that you keep the lunch box notes in a kitchen drawer. Mornings can get hectic. If the notes are in another room, you might forget about them. To ensure that you remember to pack them every day, put them close to where you make your lunches for easy access.


2)  Make Sure to Laminate the Notes


A role of transparent tape to laminate cards

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If the readymade lunchbox notes you purchased are not durable and waterproof, you will need to laminate them. This is especially important if you plan to reuse the notes and have multiple children. To laminate the notes at home, simply use transparent tape.


3)  Use Tape to Attach the Note


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Apply tape to the note and secure it to the top of the lunch box to prevent it from moving. Another fantastic method for attaching the note to the lunch box is by using sticker paper on the back of the card.


Are Lunch Box Notes Only for Lunch Boxes?


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It's not necessary to use lunch box notes only in lunch boxes. You can leave these notes in your kid's folders, backpacks, or even in the bathroom as they are getting ready for school in the morning. No matter when or where you use these notes, your kids will adore them.


Where Can You Get Lunch Box Notes for Kids?


Some children sharing their lunch and what they have on their PlatoKids lunch notes

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If you are searching for kid-friendly lunch box notes, you can shop at PlatoKids. The PlatoKids lunch box notes are educational and fun for happy lunchtimes. These notes are available in three separate series, each of which has 60 cards. They are also gender-neutral, vividly colored, and printed on premium, long-lasting materials so you can reuse them. At 62 mm, they are the perfect size to fit in your child's lunch box. Additionally, the cards are easy to store and don't get misplaced since they come in a high-quality box.




Including a sweet note in your child's lunch box is a great way to brighten their day and strengthen their sense of identity and self-worth. These notes are a lovely way to show your child how much you care for them, and they will definitely strengthen your relationship with them.


Alex Wittle
Alex Wittle

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