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For both you and your child, the first day of school may be both terrifying and thrilling. The first day of school means a new environment, new friends, and a new schedule for your child.


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What's the good news? You have the entire summer to prepare your child for the start of school. Make sure you emotionally prepare your child and pay close attention to his social-emotional abilities so he can make friends and succeed in school.

Here are a few things you can do to make the transition easier for your child.


Meet the Teacher

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If your child is able, it is crucial for them to visit their new school, so check with your school to see if this is possible this year. An in-person visit can help them feel prepared for this significant transition in their lives, as well as reduce concerns like finding the bathroom and storing their possessions.

If classes are offered electronically, students can still meet their new teacher via video conferencing or a quick phone conversation to establish contact and get to know one another.


Begin to Alter Your Child's Sleep Schedule

A grumpy child is a sleepy child, and you don't want your child to be groggy and fatigued on the first day of school.

Start changing your child's sleep routine a few weeks before the first day of school if he is used to going to bed and getting up late. Increase your child's bedtime by 15 minutes each day until he or she can wake up at the desired time in the morning.

A happy child is one who is well-rested.


Read Books About the First Day of School

book about first day of school wemberly worried

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Make your school-readiness book selections in the months leading up to September, and your little scholar will be ready to join in the kindergarten excitement.

Here's a list of novels to help your little one relax

  • Preschool the Night Before
  • Wemberly Worried
  • Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day


Everything Should Be Labelled

Label everything your child brings to school, including uniforms, water bottles, P.E. kits, bags, reading records, headgear, and any other accessories, for your own sanity.

One school jumper may resemble another, and if your child is unable to locate their own, they will once again rely on adults for assistance. When goods go missing and are difficult to locate because they are not labeled, it is equally frustrating for parents and teachers. Sew-in or stick-on name labels are a fantastic option; use them on everything!


Talk About Your Past Experiences

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Share your own school experiences with your child, and try to keep a good attitude. Discuss your favorite teacher, fantastic friends you made, or a memorable project you worked on. This will make your kid eager to go through the same experiences you did.


Make the Drop-Off as Rapidly as Possible

The earlier you can leave your child's school, like peeling off a bandage, the simpler the transition will be.

Some schools require parents to leave their children with a teacher at the school door, while others allow parents to accompany their children inside the classroom for the first week or so of sessions.

It's important not to linger. There are usually plenty of school personnel available to make your child feel at ease. Even when they're upset, it usually only lasts a few moments before they start playing with their new buddies.


Become Accustomed to the New Morning Routine


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Routines provide children a sense of security because they know what to expect. A morning routine teaches children how to manage their own duties (e.g., getting dressed, brushing their teeth, etc.) without having to be told what to do. You don't want to engage in an epic power struggle with your child minutes before you have to leave for school.

It is said that practice makes perfect. To make your child emotionally prepared for school and to create good habits, start the new morning routine at least a few times before school starts.


Make a Family Album That You Can Take With You

You won't be able to spend the entire year with your child, but your photos will! Making a photo album with your family is a fun and relaxing activity. Use a little, soft plastic album that can be easily washed, carried, and kissed (available at most dollar stores).


Shop for School Supplies

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Back-to-school clothing and accessories are popular among both little and older children. It's never too early to begin the tradition of purchasing specific school attire or a backpack. It does not have to be a high-priced item. When an item is intended specifically for return to school, even a "new-to-you" item takes on new importance.


Put It Into Action

If your child enjoys role-playing, this is an excellent opportunity to act out a typical school day. Set up a mock classroom at home and act as the teacher so that your kid becomes accustomed to sitting at his desk and listening to the teacher.

Pack your child's food in his lunchbox and pretend you're having lunch at school instead of eating at home. Your kid will be able to practice opening the lunchbox, removing his food, and eating independently in this manner.


Keep Your Cool

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The back-to-school season may be stressful for families, as everyone is hurrying to complete tasks. But try to stay away from the chaos. If the parents remain calm, the children are more likely to do so as well. Maintain a calm demeanor and foster a harmonious home environment in which children feel safe and stress-free as much as possible.



Your child will most likely spend their first year of school outside, playing in mud, paint, water, and sand. Expect them to return home filthy – it's all part of their learning and growth.

Encourage your child to become self-sufficient in self-care to help them maintain their personal hygiene (and save money on their laundry bill!). Demonstrate how to wash their hands when they're dirty, how to protect their clothing with aprons, and how to clean up after themselves.


Participate in Social Activities

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Kindergarten is a great time to make new friends and learn how to work with others. Model turn-taking, sharing, and good manners, and attempt to schedule play dates for your child, both in-person and online, so they may practice their social skills.

You can also model asking questions, expressing curiosity, and maintaining eye contact with your child to help them improve their conversation skills.


Countdown to School's First Day

You can countdown to the First Day of School with your child in the same way you may countdown to Christmas!

We propose that you prepare special days and put them on the calendar so that your youngster can see what's coming up. Plan a particular day to shop for school supplies, for example, and put it on the calendar. This way, you'll have a checklist of tasks to complete, and your child will be sure to hold you accountable for completing them on time.


Always Arrive on Time

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Keep to the timetable once the big day arrives, which will be easier if you prepare as much as possible. There's nothing more stressful than being hustled out the door or being the last child in the classroom at the end of the day.



On the first day of school, we can be more nervous than our children. If you've done everything listed above (and possibly more!), you've done everything you can to get your child ready for school.

Smile! Going to school is a significant milestone for them, and now is the time for them to assert their independence. Do you hear what I'm saying? That's true, the house has finally reached a state of quiet. Simply unwind and enjoy your alone time while checking off some self-care tasks from your to-do list. It will be time for pick-up before you know it!


Did your mother ever leave notes in your lunch box when you were a kid? Ours did, and it felt fantastic. The disadvantage is that when we had our own children years later, we discovered how difficult it is to find the time and patience to write notes.

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Shmuel Apel
Shmuel Apel

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